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Paintings & Sculptures, 1 June - 8 October 2017
Welcome to press preview Tue 11 am.

Lars Jonsson, b.1952,
is an artist, writer and ornithologist. In 2002 he was awarded an
honorary doctorate from the Faculty of Arts at the University of
Uppsala. In his art Jonsson depicts birds and their habitats and he has
also published a number of books on birdlife and nature. Lars Jonsson
often works outdoors and paints what he sees in his spotting scope. Many
of his watercolours and oil paintings are painted in situ. His studio
work is based on his sketchbooks comprising thousands of studies and
sketches of birds, landscapes, light effects and compositional sketches.
At Millesgården oil paintings and watercolours are on display.

Kent Ullberg,
b. 1945, is a Swedish-American sculptor. After completing his studies
at Konstfack, the University College of Arts, Craft and Design,
Stockholm in the 1960s, he left Sweden and lived in different parts of
Europe and later in Botswana, where he worked as a curator at the
National Museum and Art Gallery. Today Ullberg lives and works in the
United States in Texas and Colorado. Kent Ullberg depicts animals, often
in a monumental format in the public domain. His works are to be found
throughout the world. Havsvind  [Sea Wind], a stainless steel sculpture,
over five metres high, is installed at Alviks strand in Stockholm and
one of his recent monuments is the giant fountain Spirit of Nebraska’s
Wilderness in Omaha, Nebraska, comprising 58 life-size Canada geese.
Kent Ullberg’s animal sculptures have been temporarily relocated to
Millesgården, a place Ullberg often visited as a young artist as he was
greatly inspired by the monumentality and content of Milles’ sculptures.




18 MARCH – 11 JUNE 2017

Throughout the years Marianne Bernadotte (b. 1924), actor, philanthropist and the widow of the designer Sigvard Bernadotte, has appeared in apparel from some of the major French fashion houses, including Chanel, Balmain and Dior. As personal friends of the fashion designer Pierre Balmain, the Bernadottes’ wardrobe comprised a large number of garments from the house of Balmain. Based on several of Marianne Bernadotte’s fashion garments, primarily from the 1970s and 1980s, we portray the couture of these French fashion houses. The exhibition will be displayed in Millesgården’s Artist Home on the Upper Terrace.


Millesgården have, through Sotheby's acquired two Roman marble figures of dogs, from the 2nd century AD. They were at the end of 1930s offered for sale along with the Actaeonsculpture Carl Milles bought. The sculpture Milles bought depicts a recoiling man with traces of canine jaws and paws on the thighs. Milles acquired only the male figure, without dogs.

Actaeon was, according to Greek mythology, the grandson of the King of Thebes, and a skilled hunter. During a hunt with his two dogs, he wanders into a forbidden forest and sees the hunting goddess Artemis bathing naked. Artemis discovers him and in anger she transforms him into a deer, then the hunter's own dogs attack and tear him to pieces. At the British Museum in London there is a sculpture group of the same theme, including dogs, but on a smaller scale. In this sculpture the antlers are starting to grow out of Actaeons head.

The acquisition complements Millesgården´s collection of antiques and also enables research on Carl Milles and his collection of antique collecting, why he made the choices he made  when purchasing antique sculpture, and also research on this specific theme in antique sculpture.


The aquisition is made possible thanks to a generous contribution by Millesgården´s friends association. 


Actaeon in the antiques collection at Millesgården. Photo: Yanan Li. 
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