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Current exhibitions

INDIA Past >< Forward
MAY 20-27th 2015
A small exhibition displayed at the entrance of Millesgården

INDIA Past >< Forward is a homage to India's time-tested dexterity in design. With a selection of contemporary design objects, studio Design Temple, traces parallel inspirations from Indias past to display the ingenuity of this 5000 year-old civilization.

The art of everyday life from Indias past highlights a synthesis of form, function and material that is embedded into the evolution of their design, over hundreds of years.
As an integral part of everyday life, objects act as cultural conveyors.

And this visual dialogue between the old and new, throws light on Indias people and their way of life.
Positioned at the crossroad of globalization and an ancient design culture, India Past >< Forward is fortuitously timed as Twenty-first century India brims with opportunity for the future.

Studio: Design Temple
Curator: Divya Thakur

The higher you need to go, the deeper must be the foundation. With this belief studio Design Temple, presents India Past Forward.
A visual dialogue between Objects from Indias past and present.

Spring 2015

In the spring of 2015 Millesgården, Rosendals trädgård and Waldemarsudde displays a joint venture of spring bulbs in their gardens. A total of 50 000 bulbs are planted by the gardeners.

In the artist Carl Milles' sculpture park at Millesgården we meet, among other things, a sea of daffodils, imperial crowns and lilies designed by landscape architect Ulf Nordfjell and gardener Maja Stjernberg. In front of Anne's house at the Lower terrace, the stairs are full of crocuses, irises and grape hyacinths, all grown in pots. The wild alliums are grown in a range of colors. From touches of white via spring green tones, yellow and orange to brownish and black contrasts which reinforce the nature of the park and its beautiful stone walls.



50000 WILD SPRING BULBS! A cooperation between Millesgården, Rosendals trädgård and Waldemarsudde.


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