Olga Milles, Poppies, 1890s
Roger Andersson, Slaves by choice II, 2011
Theodor Schröder, Still life with flowers. Detail. 

Current exhibitions


MAY 30th - AUGUST 30th 2015

In this year's summer exhibition at Millesgården, the garden enters the Art Gallery. When the sculpture park is resplendent with flowers, the flourishing continues indoors where we present more than 60 works by 20 artists, all featuring floral motifs. Older still lifes hang side by side with works by prominent contemporary artists. In techniques ranging from painting and photography to moving images, there is an abundance of floral imagery that conveys everything from desire and pleasure, to death and transitoriness. The exhibition brings forth the details in the seductive floral motifs. Which flowers have the artists chosen and why? In some of the works the flower world is depicted with scientific precision and in others we see plants that bloom only in the artist's imagination. Deadly poisonous plants hide in sugary-sweet bouquets. In the works by contemporary artists there are flowers that grow, wither, are picked to pieces, form patterns and reemerge. Paintings, both minimal and monumental, are in dialogue with video art and photography. The exhibition texts present the secrets of the flower images from a plant grower's perspective. They are written by Karin Berglund, author of several gardening books, including Bonniers stora bok om din
, 1996 and Med fingrarna i jorden, 1999. Karin Berglund, whose expert eyes are trained on both the living and the depicted vegetation, relates the history and status of different flowers and their place in borders and bouquets. She writes about flowers both edible and poisonous, and how they have been used throughout history in the production of medicine. 

Artists in the exhibition: Ivan Aguéli, Roger Andersson, Dick Beer, Saara Ekström, Sven X-et Erixson, Elsa Grünewald, Denise Grünstein, Agda Holst, Eugène Jansson, Gunilla Lagerhem-Ullberg, Henning Malmström, Heikki Marila, Maria Sibylla Merian, Olga Milles, Emma Mulvad, Jenny Nyström, Ewa-Marie Rundquist, Theodor Schröder, Andy Warhol and Frans Ykens.