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20 September 2014 - 18 May 2015

 Ask anyone on the street about Pompeii or just say the word "Pompeii" and people will react immediately. They'll mention death, of course; exciting and terrible at the same time. But there's also plenty of curiosity. What happened afterwards? What has been discovered? What do we know about the people who lived in the shadow of the volcano? Will it happen again?

The exhibition at Millesgården will perhaps not answer all questions but certainly quite a few.

Welcome to the banker Caecilius Iucundus. He invites us into his house and shows us his dearest objects; his business archives, his silver service and his erotic frescoes, as well as more everyday things such as glass panes and hinges.

We look at new 3D models of his house and experience both the original splendour of the building and the ruin that remains today.

Why at Millesgården? The exhibition will take over the entire museum area, focused on the Art Gallery, because Carl Milles loved Italy and was inspired by Pompeii.
When Millesgården connected with the Swedish Pompeii Project, who have been excavating in Pompeii for more than ten years, the idea of an exhibition was born. The impressive treasures unearthed by Swedish archaeologists beg to be exhibited. The combination of Millesgården, the Swedish Pompeii Project and loans from the museum of Naples is quite simply unbeatable.

We offer special effects and Aha! experiences and the Art Gallery's atrium-like design lends credibility to the story-telling and the depiction.

For whom? For everyone who reacts to Pompeii! For the curious who want to experience a sense of the time and perhaps ask questions about today. For those who want to know more and also for those who just want to see an
exhibition with a difference.

Carl Milles loved Italy and was inspired by Pompeii, which can be seen both in the Artist Home and on the terraced park.
During the exhibition period some paintings by the artist and researcher Agneta Freccero will be shown. The motifs comprise memories and impressions from her many visits to Pompeii.

We will arrange a series of popular as well as academic lectures.


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ZOO COLLECTIVE Cajsa von Zeipel vs. Carl Milles. Feb 21 - March 22

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