The museum shop

The Milles flower pot, available in 4 sizes. 
Votives and vases from Paradisverkstan, Öland. 
The book about Carl Milles and Millesgården. In Swedish and English. 
The Museum Shop at Millesgården has a wide range of products. In addition to its own collection related to Carl Milles and Millesgården, there is an assortment of presents and books for adults and children alike. 

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Here is a selection of products from Millesgården's own range:

THE BOOK - Release in June 2016. Texts by Millesgården´s museum director Onita Wass, Gregory Wittkopp from Cranbrook Academy of Art and others. Photographs by Yanan Li. Published by Arvinius+Orfeus Publishing. Graphic design: Lars Fuhre.

THE MILLES FLOWER POT - It was designed by Carl Milles in the 1920s and is manufactured by Gustavsberg. Available in 4 various sizes, it is suitable for everything from delicate spring daffodils to sumptuous Christmas poinsettias. 

SUSANNA - The Millesgården Museum Shop has produced a series of leaf-patterned pewter products. The leaf is a detail from Carl Milles' Susanna fountain from 1916. The series includes a candlestick, a box and jewellery. 

SKETCHES -  Reproductions on high-quality paper of Carl Milles' original sketches are available in four motifs. Including Playing Angels from 1952. Dimensions: 50 x 70 cm. The reproductions are sold in a folder including information about Millesgården and Carl Milles. 

THE PARADISE MOTIVE - Inspired by Carl Milles' Triton fountain on Millesgården's Upper Terrace, Eva Paradis from the Paradisverkstan in Öland has produced a series of lanterns. They come in a large range of colours; however, the unique Milles-green shade is only available at Millesgården.

Welcome to the Museum Shop at Lidingö.

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