Gallery Milles

Carl Milles (1875-1955) is Sweden's most celebrated sculptor. His sculptures are not only in Sweden but throughout the world, with representation in almost all continents.

In 1936 Carl and his wife Olga decided to donate their home, Millesgården, to the Swedish people with the aim to create a museum. To ensure Millesgården's continued existence, he also conferred the right to cast new sculptures at the new museum.

Today this is still a central source of income for the museum. Proceeds from sculpture castings go to a fund that defrays the cost of maintaining the park and the artist's home.
During Carl Milles lifetime no numbered reproductions of sculptures were made, but after his death the foundation's board decided to permit casting of new numbered sculptures in limited editions of 6 or 12.

All castings of sculptures take place among Swedish art casters. In this way it is possible to maintain quality and above all proficiency and skilled craftsmanship. The foundries are also the same as those used by Carl Milles himself, so there is continuity in the operation.Gallery Milles is proud to be able to present his collection.

Onita Wass
Museum Director and Managing Director