Welcome to the first exhibition in Sweden of the versatile English designer William Morris, whose ideas on craft and quality spread throughout Europe at the turn of the 20th century. Through
artworks, wallpaper, fabrics and furniture the exhibition presents his life and work. It is the story of a successful businessman and manufacturer who was also a fervent socialist.
Ask anyone who William Morris is and you will probably receive a hesitant smile in reply. Then ask if they are familiar with Morris wallpaper and they will probably light up and answer: “Oh, I love floral Morris wallpaper!”
William Morris’ designs for textiles and wallpapers are much appreciated in Sweden but few know much about the man behind the patterns. In his native Britain, William Morris is a national treasure. As the leading figure in the British Arts and Crafts Movement, Morris has left a rich legacy and there are several museum-based homes where William Morris’ furnishings are preserved. 
William Morris (1834-1896) was a true multidisciplinarian who, during his 62-year-long life, devoted himself to such diverse activities as art, architecture, the preservation of old buildings, as well as design and crafts. He was the author of novels and poetry; he founded publishing companies and designed fonts. He was interested in Icelandic sagas which he translated into
English. He was a socialist and also a successful entrepreneur and businessman.

William Morris’ divergent commitments were the result of a desire to create a better and more beautiful world for people. In protest against the conservative Victorian society, which was being transformed due to industrialisation, Morris wanted to revive traditional craftsmanship and
small-scale manufacturing and provide dignified living conditions for all. As a socialist he fought for justice and equalit.
Produced by Millesgården, the exhibition is a collaboration with the William Morris Gallery,
the William Morris Society and Style Library in London.

Current exhibitions

From a previous exhibition: Josef Frank´s pattern Butterfly 1943-45. Photo: Svenskt Tenn
The exhibition hall. Picture from a previous exhibition. 
The exhibition hall. Picture from a previous exhibition. 
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