10 MARCH - 6 MAY 2018

Next spring Millesgården Museum and the Chinese Cultural Centre in Stockholm will present two exhibitions focused on weaving silk and silk fabric from Nanking. The exhibition project comprises two parts: Weaving Silk and A Dream of Red Mansions.

WEAVING SILK, Millesgården
The exhibition describes and shows the beginning of silk production 1,600 years ago in Nanking (now Nanjing). A traditional loom and weavers from Nanjing will be displayed, that is, the Chinese weavers will weave beautiful fabrics in the presence of our visitors. Copious amounts of silk will cover the walls of the art gallery.

A DREAM OF RED MANSIONS, the Chinese Cultural Centre in Stockholm.
An exhibition that provides an in-depth study of the literary work A Dream of Red
Mansions (transl. Gladys Yang and Yang Hsien-yi, Beijing: Foreign Language Press, three volumes, 1978–1980), written in the mid 18th century and considered a classics of Chinese literature. There are numerous quotations that emphasise the importance of the novel, including: “a Chinese version of Romeo and Juliet” and “a shortcut to knowledge of Imperial China”. The novel comprises a particularly rich gallery of characters, secret intrigues and literary allusions, which has generated an extensive research industry.



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