& The Danish Girl
4 February - 14 May 2017

The Danish artist Gerda Wegener (1885-1940) recently received attention when the film The Danish Girl was shown at cinemas throughout the world. The Swedish actress Alicia Vikander played Gerda Wegener, and received an Oscar for her role. In the exhibition, produced by the Arken Museum of Modern Art in Denmark, Wegener’s paintings depicting elegant and sensual women are displayed. As a female artist, she portrayed the beauty of women with equal parts empathy, understanding and fascination.

She married the landscape painter Einar Wegener, today better known as Lili Elbe, a transgender woman. Lili was Gerda Wegener’s model and art became their free space. The exhibition raises issues on artistic practices that break with the traditional gender relations between painter, muse and model.
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